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This is Alaska Northern Outfitters’ first time attending the Mat-Su Valley Show. We are all excited to talk fishing and provide you with the most up to date deals and promotions for the 2012 season. Come down this weekend and secure your spot aboard Seward, Alaska’s premiere sport fisher “Sea Quest.” Lets crawl out of our dens and rendezvous this weekend at the show!! We look forward to seeing all of those familiar faces! See you soon…FISH ON!


* Best place to see the most outdoors / sporting Vendors at once

* The 1st Alaska Sportsman’s Show of 2012

* Large Outdoor Space displays for boats, trailers, ATVs, RVS, etc.

* Seminars and demonstrations on popular outdoor topics by local experts

* 142 booths – the majority of which will be from the Mat-Su Valley

* ADF&G’s Laser Shooting Range for kids of all sizes

* Book signing and seminars by Alaska outdoor authors

* FREE Admission for Kids under 12. . . . otherwise only $5

* FREE Admission with Military ID* FREE Admission for everyone on Sunday from 10:00-11:00am compliments of Rene Russ, Financial Advisor, Waddell and Reed

* FREE Parking at the Sports Center


To find the Menard Sports Center, head west thru Wasilla on the Parks Highway and go past Spenard Builders Supply, go 1/4 mile further to the stoplight at Church Road and Mack Road, turn left onto Mack Road and go 1/4 mile to the Complex — the only building on Mack Road.
Alaska Northern Outfitters will be presenting our  2012 summer deals at the Matsu Sportshow this coming weekend.  Its been a very cold and white winter, time for everyone to start getting out of there house and booking up some summer fan activities.  2012 will be the first year we have participated in the Matsu Show.  It seems to be growing very fast, already up to 142 vendors.  With that many attractions.

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