• Before you Book

  • How big is the Sea Quest?

    The Sea Quest is a 50 ft catamaran and is Coast Guard certified for 48 passengers. We fish a full boat of 18 anglers each day, spread out across the deck for maximum comfort. Once you fish on a catamaran, it's difficult to return to a smaller boat!

  • I see you offer the companion fare but it says suspended, is that correct?

    Yes, in light of Covid-19 we have made the decision to decrease the capacity of passengers on the Sea Quest which means we have further suspended the companion fare for summer 2023.

  • What is included in the price of the charter?

    The charter price includes all top of the line fishing tackle, endless supply of bait, high end tournament rod and reel as well as the filleting of your catch. Coffee is complimentary.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    A 100% deposit is fully refundable if we receive a written/email notice at least three weeks prior to your charter date. If within the 21 day window, client will be fully responsible for full price of seats unless seats are filled prior to departure. For private, exclusive charters: A 100% deposit is fully refundable if we receive a written/email notice at least 30 days prior to your charter date. If within the 30 day window, client will be fully responsible for full price of all seats unless seats are filled prior to departure.

  • What is the best time of year for different types of fish?

    Throughout the summer, halibut is regularly targeted between May and September. This also goes for a variety of rockfish species. The end of June, early July is when Silver Salmon start to run. Ling Cod Season opens July 1st. If you are looking to target trophy size halibut, book for a spring trip in May or June on a full day halibut charter. July and August we target halibut and salmon for a full day combo charter.

  • What is the minimum age to sign up for a fishing trip?

    The minimum age requirement is 5 years old, no children younger than 5. Ages 12 years old and younger are required by law to wear a life jacket while on deck. The Sea Quest has comfortable life jackets for kids. While in the cabin, kids aren’t required to wear them.

  • Can I be added to a waiting list if the trip I want is full?

    Yes, however waiting for a cancelation is not recommended as you should confirm your charter well in advance.

  • Is there a fuel surcharge?

    Yes, for the summer of 2024, we will automatically add $25 per person as long as fuel prices stay above $4.50 per gallon. This adjustment ensures that we do not restrict our fishing destinations based on fuel costs.

  • Where should I stay in Seward?

    There are several hotels in the heart of the harbor, Harbor 360 hotel, Breeze Inn, and The Gateway Hotel. You can browse through various options inside and outside of the city limits via the Seward Chamber of Commerce's website: www.Seward.com

  • How to Prepare

  • You will need to bring

    Fishing License: Online purchase or buy in Seward boat harbor
 at the Fish House. Food and Drinks for the Day: We provide only coffee and hot water, and you will need your energy for the full day of fishing
. Warm Clothes: We recommend layers with rain gear for any wind/rain
. Other: Camera, 
Sunscreen, and 
Motion sickness medicine if you’re prone to seasickness (take as directed). While our customers experience less seasickness because of the stability of our catamaran, it's better to be safe than sorry.

  • What we provide

    Vessel: safe, fast, comfortable M/V Sea Quest Experienced and friendly Captain and crew Guaranteed indoor seat for every client Coffee and hot water All Needed Fishing Gear, Lures,

    Bait: High quality Okuma gear for halibut and salmon for each client. All Instruction Needed to Catch Fish. The Sea Quest crew will bring more bait and chum than any other boat in the fleet. Comfortable Marine Head (bathroom)

  • Where do I get a fishing license?

    You can purchase a 1 day, 3 day, or 7 day fishing license through the Alaska Department of Fish & Game online website -or- because the licenses are non-refundable, you can get them the evening before your charter in the harbor at The Fish House/ True Value store. A one day non-resident fishing license is $15 and is required for ages 16 years and older. For ages 15 and younger, you will just need a harvest card to record your catch. You can get these harvest cards on the boat. Since we will not be targeting King Salmon, a King Stamp is not required. However, if you happen to catch one, a King Stamp is needed to retain it. It is imperative that you have your fishing license already purchased and ready to present at check-in. Please prepare the night before as the boat leaves the dock on time, always. The license can be digital, on your phone and does not need to be in hard copy form.

  • How do I get to your location? Is parking available?

    Coming from Anchorage, head south on the Seward Hwy. Take a left on South Harbor Street and an immediate right on 4th Avenue. Park at the South Parking lot behind Subway. It’s $10 all day, parking kiosk is located at the entrance. To get to the office, walk across the street and towards the water. Our office is located on the main boardwalk and is facing the water. You will see a lighthouse on the top of the blue building.

  • During Your Trip

  • Do you have beginners on your fishing trips?

    Yes, every fishing charter is suitable for the experienced fisherman and novice alike. Our helpful Captain and crew will equip you with the instructions needed in landing any fish.

  • How do you ensure safety on the fishing trip?

    A thorough safety speech is conducted by the Captain before even leaving the dock. He will point out all the safety equipment including life jackets, exit doors and will inform you of the plan of action should any situation arise while out at sea. Captain and crew are all First Aid certified and will often point out any medical personnel present.

  • What happens if I get sea sick?

    It’s a long day on the water and we won’t return to the docks early. If you are susceptible to sea sickness, we highly recommend taking motion sickness medicine such as bonine or dramamine. In order for the medicine to take full affect, you must take it that morning or night before. If you are extra sensitive, we suggest you contact your physician for a stronger prescription.

  • Is alcohol permitted aboard?

    Beer or wine is okay and we ask that you bring cans instead of glass. We enforce a no-hard alcohol policy. Keep in mind this is a moving vessel and safety is our top priority, we want you to enjoy the day please drink responsibly.

  • How far offshore do you go?

    Depending on the target species, we travel 1-3 hours each way.

  • Are there bathrooms on the catamaran?

    Yes, there is one “marine head” on board. All nautical toilets are made for human waste, only. Any other items, including all paper, goes in the trash.

  • What happens if the weather is bad?

    It is at the Captains discretion to evaluate the weather should that be of concern. We try to be considerate of everyone’s time and when we can, will make the judgment call the night before the charter. If we need to cancel due to weather or for any mechanical reasons, we will refund you what you have paid for the charter. We will not, however, be able to refund you money you have spent on fishing license, and hotel arrangements for the charter. If this poses a concern, we highly recommend seeking out trip insurance. We understand fishing is a highly anticipated event but safety is our top priority. Weather is unpredictable and we use our experience, tools, and knowledge to make the most informed decision in canceling. It’s blue skies in Seward, why would we cancel? Looks can be deceiving! While Seward may be sunny and blue skies, our fishing grounds are located beyond the protected waters of Resurrection bay. We travel hours into the open ocean where the weather systems can be completely different. The Captain knows best.

  • Will I see other wildlife while on the trip?

    Yes! You will be fishing in some of Alaska’s most bountiful waters and can count on seeing an array of wildlife such as: Steller sea lions, seals, humpack whales, orcas, the occasional minke whale, and Dall’s Porpoise. Also seabirds such as; frigates, puffins, commorates, eiders, kittiwakes, and if you are keeping a sharp eye while we are cruising near the cliffs you may even see Dall sheep and Alaskan mountain goats- and maybe even black bear!

  • Can I smoke on the boat?

    Cigars, marijuana and marijuana devices are prohibited on any marine vessel. If you must smoke cigarettes, please respectfully smoke only on the top deck away from visible sick passengers and children. Dispose of your cigarette butts in the designated bucket on the top deck. Alaska Northern Outfitters strictly prohibits drugs! While marijuana is legal for recreational use in the state of Alaska, it is still strictly prohibited by all law enforcement agencies governing navigable waters. Please leave all drug, firearms, and GPS tracking devices behind.

  • Fish Processing

  • What happens to my fish?

    Our deckhands will filet your fish for you on the boat free of charge. When we return to the docks our clients like using J Dock for fish processing. For an additional cost, J Dock will cut the fillets in smaller portions, vacuum pack, freeze and even ship. The cost is $1.70 p/lb to vacuum pack and freeze. Shipping is a flat rate cost via Fed Ex. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3kSZjJv

  • What do I do if I don’t want to keep my fish?

    We strongly encourage you to release all the fish you don’t wish to eat. Halibut is a federally regulated species, therefore, you cannot legally give your fish to other clients.



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